Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trip around Point Peninsula

First I have to let you all know that these are not great pictures. Now I'm not going to make any excuses except Morgan and I had to very nervous dogs with us in the car. We left with them because our realtor was showing the house and we thought we'd go sight seeing and bird watching. But we forgot our binoculars. Luckily I grabbed the camera.
This was the quick shot of the sunrise that morning.
Very cool!
We went over the Isthmus and found open water with Golden-eye, but because I'm not the best at immature ducks, I had a hard time identifying them. Some of the locals for Roy. Mr Ole my Elkhound got a little sniffy, barky when we stopped here. I love this tree and have photographed it more than once. Well, Sharon, here are my turkeys but can't say my photograph is very good. We saw about 18 all together. Morgan and I LOVED this sign! We thought they should have a guinea on there as well! A lovely old Cemetery.We were so excited to see two Ravens. Now let me tell you when I saw these two birds right next to the road I had a feeling they weren't crows so I hit the brake and since all the roads were covered in packed ice the anti-locks kicked in and of course the Ravens wouldn't have any of that, so off they went. I grabbed the camera and got what I could, but Morgan and I could hear their distinct croaking as they flew away. Cropped and totally out of focus. Sorry. A couple more unknown ducks back around the Isthmus. Back on the mainland on endless hard packed icy roads.We also saw three Rough-legged hawks, 4 Flickers and a number of Tree Sparrows. Here is a link to Point Peninsula for anyone interested.


Mary said...

What a great drive! Your realtor shows the house at sunrise??? That sunrise, by the way is lovely :-) Funny sign! The cemetery is lovely in the snow and seeing the ravens..what a plus! I don't think I would know one if I saw one...don't have them here.

Salix said...

Hi Eve
Always love your bird and nature shots - But that sunrise is just fantastic.
Right now the snow is coming down thick here - hope it's not that bad at your place or you'll have to do some serious snow-work later (with the showel?)

Eve said...

Hi Mary, That sunrise was right out my back window in the morning...we didn't have to leave until noon...I think. Oh yeah we were starving by the time we got home!

Hi Lene,
Thanks! And yes the snow and wind are coming. I found someone to plow later today, but sadly I'm sure the wind will blow the snow all back in!

Carolynn said...

Wow, those are ICY roads! Be safe out there!!

Looks like you had a fun morning. That sunrise was spectacular!

There's something about cemetaries that I've always liked. I've lived across from more than one.

I hope the house sells quickly for you, so you can get out of that frozen wasteland and enjoy some warmer weather and I can live vicariously through you.

Leedra said...

The sunrise captured my attention right off, it is gorgeous.

Maybe you can get them to add Guineas to the sign. :)

Leedra’s Photos For Fun
Photography By Leedra

HANNIBAL said...

Whatever camera (which must not have been your first choice) did a great job capturing the sunrise! It's a keeper! And, I think you are onto something, make your own guinea crossing sign...just a thought.

Sandy said...

I enjoyed these but that sunrise is so gorgeous!! I'll have to check out that link later..

Anonymous said...

Great lot of photos Evie, thanks for a shot of the four legged locals.
The ducks look a bit like our Long Tailed Ducks in winter plumage, but I am probably completely wrong. The sunrise is quite amazing.

Jenny said...

It was great to join you all on your trip away from the house. Wow, I'd hate to have to drive on those roads. Tell that realtor to get her .... in gear! I think Roy is right with the duck ID.

Shellmo said...

How did the house showing go??
That sign cracked me up - yes they need to add the guineas! And I can see why you like that tree - I love its shape - almost reminds me of a tree you'd see in Africa.

Steve B said...

Yes, those are Long-tailed ducks for sure. What a great place. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful sunrise. It looks like you have a sun pillar. Are you getting nasty weather?

Bird Girl said...

The sunrise shot is wonderful but my favorite is the winter cemetery picture - really nice!!

Eve said...

Thanks everyone! Long-tail they are great job Roy, Jenny and Steve!
We're in for rough weather...-21 without the wind chill and it will be -40 with the wind tomorrow or is that Thursday!! Whatever...once it gets -10 it's pretty much all the same to me! I've got a light on for the guineas and they are hunkered down.

Stacey Huston said...

So sorry to hear that you have the cold.. negative temps are no fun for anyone or anything...BEAUTIFUL sunrise shot...stay warm and be safe..

John Theberge said...

Great tour, seems like a very interesting place to visit. You won't have to deal with icy roads anymore once you're living in the south.

A New England Life said...

Ayup, there's Wild Turkey's alright! Aren't they so comical? Just lolly gagging all over the place. Looks like that cow has it's eye on you too! I feel awful for the animals when it's so cold outside. Honestly I don't know how they can survive.

Outstanding sunrise! Good thing you are a morning lady ; )