Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grown up Guineas!

Well, my kids are 15 weeks old today, one week away from being full grown Guineas! On the left we have a gentleman guinea and on the right a young lady! You may disregard the camera hogs in the background!
This posture is telling everyone "I'm trying to be boss"!
But mostly everyone gets along and they love to gather on the top of their old digs. Can you believe they used to fit comfortably within this brooder!My Guinea Fowl.
The Watchdogs of Weaver Rd!


The Birdlady said...

Too cute - it has been fun watching them grow! Thanks.

Mary said...

I guess we all get nostalgic for our old "homes"....memories even in the bird world :-) Great shots! They've really grown! I just love their speckled feathers.

Shellmo said...

I think they are very handsome! Their faces remind me of a cross between colored play dough and the 'blue man group'

Adrian said...

Hi Eve

Sorry - but your Guineas looks SO good...I am constantly salivating thinking about them in the pot, perhaps with a ncie port wine sauce!!! How bad am I??

Best wishes, Adgi

Wrensong Farm said...

Hi, I followed you here from your comment on my blog. Thanks! It's great to see another person that appreciates guineas! Great blog! I'll be back! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eve,
They have really grown now.

Adrian said...

Hi Evie, this is Jen via Adgi.
These Guineas are great....wonderful plummage down below and then it all goes horribly weird from the neck upwards! (-: Lovely shots of your cuties.

Eve said...

They're even more fun than they look!

Their feathers are fantastic!

HA HA!! They really do!

They started squawking the minute I read you comment!!!

They are a sweet lot aren’t they. I can really appreciate the love you have for all animals with that bunch you have!

They really have!

Jenny Wren,
Ha Ha! I feel the same! But they sure are a fun bunch!

Thanks guys!!

Denise said...

Would you look at those fine looking guineas. Great pictures Eve, I have never seen one of these hens up close, must be fun having them around.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - they are exquisite looking. I got a chance to follow a couple around at the Lighthouse Farm over the weekend...they just CRACKED me up. They run around constantly -back and forth- looking like they are doing THE most important things. Are they getting your ticks like you'd hoped?

Stacey Huston said...

LOL.. wonderful pic Eve, doesn't look like you will have any ticks next year.. or bugs for that matter.
those feathers would make great flies for fishing you know..;-)

John Theberge said...

Now that tick season is over do these guys earn their keep by laying eggs each day?

Bird Girl said...

Well now...aren't they cute? They remind me a bit of turkey - and I would say - you'll never have to worry about ticks unless you spoil them too much ;-)