Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking Back

 These forgotten photos were taken last May. What a beautiful month in Alabama!

 It's still hard for me to get over how much earlier spring comes in the south!

 As most birds here on the mountain, hiding in the trees from the photographer is their favorite past time. This little Palm Warbler is no exception.
 And here I am training the birds to take seed from my hand.
I got really it didn't really work out well. I had to fight the mice off at night. That was no fun!


Phillip Oliver said...

Fantastic photos! I've thought about doing a post like this since there is nothing much to write about. I LOVE the clematis photo with the butterfly on it. A perfect capture.

farmlady said...

You got so impatient that you forgot to eat something yourself. You don't look so good in that last picture.
The other photos are lovely. But it reminds me that if we don't get some
RAIN soon our spring is going to look like the end of summer here.I'm doing rain dances.

debsgarden said...

I was wondering how my Aunt Irene trained birds to eat out of her hands! Actually, I don't think she trained them at all. Somehow they just knew she was a friend.

May really is a special month. I enjoyed looking back at your lovely spring garden. I am eagerly awaiting for spring to happen, but I hope it doesn't do too much too soon, as we know the hard freezes are coming!

Toni said...

Is that a Persicaria 'Red Dragon' in one of your top pictures??? I LOVE that plant. Also, is the fluffy blue flower a clematis? If so, do you know what variety? And love your bird feeding get-up. It would be cool to feed BIRDS from your hand, wouldn't it (Mice? Not so much)! Lots of patience needed for sure!

Eve said...

Thank you Phillip! Yes you should do one! I bet you wouldn't have one complaint!!!!

I should forget to eat just a little more often farmlady! I will do a rain dance for you.

Thanks Deb. I would love to train the birdies, maybe we'll try again, but not in this chilly weather. I'm worried about my daffodils! I think one has a bud! It's going to get very cold.

That is a Red Dragon. And it is a Clematis, but I'm not sure the name. If I find out I will let you know.

Eve said...

oh that last comment was for you Toni!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Gorgeous photos! Your garden looks so peaceful and a place you just want to sit a long while with a glass of tea and listen to the birds!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Beautiful photos Eve, such a delight to see on this cold January day here in Maine. For a minute there I thought that was your mother training in the art of hand bird feeding! Have a great weekend, Julie.

Roy said...

Beautiful flowers as always.
That last photo, you don't look so well Evie.