Monday, October 31, 2011

October is nearly gone!

It's been so long since I've been here, I've almost forgotten how to blog! I've been a little neglectful, so I'm really hoping you'll enjoy the photos from my yard.
 We've been enjoying the colors, the cool temps and the changes in the air.
 The pups are doing what they do best.
 The butterflies are enjoying the flowers that have popped up in the yard. I've seen more Monarchs (shown above) as they head south, and the Gulf Fritillary has really become one of my favorites.

 Daisy Lu wishes I would let her go off and play sometimes, but I won't so she sits and stares into the woods, dreaming of fat squirrels.
 The Gaura has become one of my favorite flowers.
 This little azalea has put on its best show ever.
 The Beautyberries are spreading under the Black Gum...
 ...and the poor rose, struggles in the shade.
Here's hoping your yard is as sunny and colorful as it can be!


Trobairitz said...

Beautiful pictures. I wish that we had Monarchs here in Oregon.

The Guara in our yard went crazy this year, they are such a pretty plant. The bees love then but we lack many butterflies.

Cheryl said...

What an enchanting post....and where have you been? I have missed your beautiful photographs:)

I love is also one of my favourite perennials.
The butterflies are lovely. I enjoyed viewing them, as mine have already left the garden.

I would love to run with your little dog through the wood.
We could get up to no end of mischief........

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Evis! A little bird, well Julie told me, that she had nudged(she actually said "shamed") you a bit to get a post out! Good for her if that's what it takes. Missed your beautiful pictures, the pups, the butterflies and flowers and YOU! It looks awesome up their on your mountain top at Sunny Side Up. Hope you are having fun, fun, fun! I know you are! Could you not wait quite as long to post again?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrensong Farm said...

Actually you've been stellar compared to me!! I haven't blogged for over 5 months! (need to do that again soon....):) Beautiful pics and love your header photo (it's been awhile since I've visited my favorite blogs too....)

Roy said...

You have some beautiful flowers in the garden Evie and what a treat to see the butterflies still at this time.

debsgarden said...

It's great to hear from you again! Your fall garden is beautiful! Fall is my favorite time of the year (until spring). Your butterfly photos are wonderful. Sadly, I haven't seen any monarchs this year. Where have they gone?

Eve, I would love to see you. We must find a time to get together soon. I would love to show you my fall garden, but you must hurry, or soon it will all be gone! But if you miss fall, spring is pretty good, too.

Eve said...

Thanks for stopping Trobairitz! The colors in your neck of the woods are really stunning!

Cheryl! Nice to see you! I'll be over soon to see what's happening across the pond!

PIXIE! I'll try to do a better job. I sure do miss my buds!!

Hi Roy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm still seeing many butterflies. As long as the sun is shining they are busy!

Hi Deb! Yes, I must hurry. My Japanese Maple hasn't hit full color yet, but it happens so fast. I'll try to figure a way to get down to see you. Soon!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

My azaleas are full this fall. I think they look better this fall than they did in the spring. Your fall color is beautiful and I love the Gulf Fritillary butterflies too! They are so Dr. Seuss-like.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Welcome back Eve, I have missed seeing your beautiful photographs. I can't get over all the color you still have in your area, your fall gardens are just beautiful. I am happy to see Ole and Miss Daisy Lu, both appear to be on duty, keeping the homestead safe and sound!

Rebecca said...

Love the photo of the Fritillary!! Great shot :)