Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yesterdays Birds

 It's a crazy time here in the woods. There are so many migrants and summer birds showing up I don't know which way to look!
Most are so high up in the trees or move so fast it's hard to photograph, but blurry photos or not, I can't resist posting.

Palm Warbler

Summer Tanager

Mamma Eastern Bluebird (there's 5 little ones in the box)

Chipping Sparrow
Black and White Warbler (female)
My sweet little Tufty
And a very mouthy Yellow-rumped Warbler

What a noisy place it's been around here lately!!


...but hey, that's just me! said...

The pictures are amazing!!! I have a beautiful large raven that hangs around me and my feeders. Sadly he is very camera shy and I have not been able to get a shot of him... yet!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful birds! Your photographs are outstanding!!!

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

We're suddenly getting over run with birds of all shapes, sizes and descriptions as well. Man, am I ever glad I shoot with a digital camera. If I was still shooting film I'd have to resort to bank robbery to feed my shutter bug!

Frank said...

.. 'don't know which way to look' .. that made me smile Eve. What a delight to see so many diferent and colourful species gracing your plot.

debsgarden said...

Great photo of the Yellow-rumped Warbler! I wonder what he is saying! You have a great variety of birds, and congratulations on getting photos of so many. It has been years since I saw a Summer Tanager here. They are beautiful birds. It really is quite noisy outside, with all the birdsong and calls going on. I love it!

farmlady said...

It seems that this Spring has brought more birds. I don't know why. We have so many beautiful kinds of birds around here this year. It's hard not to take tons of photos every day.
Love the photos. That Summer Tanager must take your breath away when he flutters into view.

Eve said...

Thanks Kerriee! I love the ravens. We had them the last few years we lived up north. They were spreading out their territory.

Thanks Chip! I hear ya!!

It's so great Frank, in the past couple weeks I've had well over 40 species either fly over or hang out here! It's just heaven!

Hi Deb! I think he was saying...all you other folk just quit messing with me!!! hahaha They are wild out there! The Summer Tanager is a regular summer visitor here in the woods. The Scarlet seems to just pass through. But I've been seeing him here too!

Thanks farmlady, Glad you're getting lots of feathered friends too. Those red birds are really stunning!!

Kerry Hawkins said...

Love these. We have a cardinal hanging around, I love looking at his red coloring. so pretty

Toni said...

Wow, great bird shots! I am always in awe of anyone who can get good bird photos. I can never seem to get them to sit still long enough for me to take a picture. It does lift one's spirits to hear the birds singing in our gardens/woods :-)

bunnits said...

Thanks for the wonder bird photos, Eve. I have a difficult time these days seeing the little ones up high in the trees, even with the bifocals, which have made using binoculars a challenge.

I love the little lizard header.

bluekat said...

Oh, they're all so wonderful! I bet they are tough little guys to capture - so quick!

We went for a hike this weekend. Didn't see many birds, but we sure heard them singing.

Rural Rambler said...

Fun pictures Evis! That is so funny, it is noisy around here with bird speak too! You know I love it!! CH and I sat in the back flower bed yesterday afternoon and listened to and watched Mr. Tanager. He stands out from the other birds right now, I think he is trying to find the Mrs. Love your mouthy Warbler!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Wonderful photos Eve! You have a few birds in your area that I have never seen in mine. I LOVE your new header too!!!

Roy said...

Lots of birds and great photos Evie.
You need to be sat out in the garden all day.{:)
Great new header as well.

Mike Simmons said...

Really nice captures, Eve! That last one is great with its beak open. The colors are wonderful and I like the soft purple in the background.

Rebecca said...

What a nice collection! Love the last photo of the Warbler.-He's such an unusual looking bird and I love his wide mouth expression!!

.............................. said...

Wonderful pictures-I especially like the one of the Tufty! The birds here were up and singing at 4:33 am. I know because I heard a robin give the sound first call and then everyone started singing so loudly that they woke me up.

Mary said...

What a wonderful bunch of visitors you have right now! We've had so much rain, I am just seeing the home birds mostly.

Steve Borichevsky said...

We are starting to get some color up here too! You've got a good group here.