Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whoop Whoop!!!

Today we hit the road and went to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur, Alabama to see what we cold see.
The sun was shining and the birds were out.
The big birds that is! 

 There were many Sandhill Cranes and if you've never heard them you must look that up.
What a great sound they make.
Check it out here.

But really the best part of the day was seeing the Whooping Cranes mingled in with the Sandhill.
There were two. We were in an observatory building and at quite a distance. These pictures are taken through a glass window and heavily cropped.
What a great day! 

Whoop Whoop!!!


kerry hawkins art and photo said...

Love the looking up in the air photos. beautiful birds!

A New England Life said...

How awesome, Eve! For a birder things like that are so exciting! Glad you were able to experience it. No, I've never seen either one.

What I did see today was a Barred Owl that was hit by a car. Pretty sad but I think it was going to be okay. I tried to help by calling NH Fish and Game. Figures they're closed on Sunday.
After several attempts it was able to fly into a low tree and sit safely. The person that hit it never even stopped.

Mike Simmons said...

Wow, great aerial photos, Eve! Excellent perspective on them. Well done!

Bluekat said...

Nice Birds in flight. I love visiting the wildlife refuges, but I get a little nervous with birds flying right over my head! :)

I've had one very messy incident on the Ninja with a bird in flight. Never saw the bird, but got a nice shower from what he unloaded! :)

Anonymous said...

Love these Evie, great shots, what an amazing sight to fly over you.

Rural Rambler said...

Very cool Sunny Side Up Eve! They have a sweet little voice but maybe not so much with a bunch of them all doing it together. Nice shot Evis of them above you. Love their legs and feet in flight!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Carroll and I went there yesterday and saw the whoopers, too. AND scads and scads of a huge variety of ducks! TONS of sandhills. It's a great place to visit! Great pics, dearie!

Eve said...

Thanks everyone!
Debi....we must have been there at the same time!!! Darn I wish we'd see you! Wouldn't that have been a WHOOP!!! hahahaha!

debsgarden said...

Your photos are amazing. The cranes look like airplanes in formation. Your post reminds me that I am overdue for a visit to the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and the very best in the new year.

Missouri Gal said...

Great photos! Now are those the same birds that are in WI in the summer? If so I thought they look prehistoric when I saw them. But so do the Blue heron when I see them around here. Nicole

Eve said...

Thanks Deb! Let me know when you come up this way and we'll get together! Merry Christmas to you!

Hi Nicole, Thanks! Yes I bet they are the ones from WI, they had bands and I sent the info in to the Project. You can find the info here

Carolynn Anctil said...

Outstanding shot of the birds in flight! Wish I could capture something like that. I'm not quick enough.

Mary said...

Wonderful! Cranes of any kind are exciting and the Whooping Cranes are so special when you know there are so few out there. Great photos of them! I love all the air shots.