Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking with the Neighbors

Morgan asked me if I wanted to get up early on Saturday morning and take a walk...if it wasn't too hot that is...and it wasn't and I agreed. So off we went and there at the bottom of the driveway were Wrascle and his new friend...well...we don't know his name yet, but he sure is a friendly fellow!

Wrascle and no name walked with us down the road a little bit, but Wascle is a smart pup and when I tell him to stay home, he listens. 

A little further down the road we finally got to meet these two neighbors that we see nearly everyday but never stopped to introduce ourselves too. They didn't tell us their names either, but they enjoyed our company, as we did theirs.

As soon as we left  no name #3 and no name #4, we were greeted by a LOUD WOOOOOOOOOOO and we weren't quite sure how to take that salutation, was it friend or foe? Well, it turned out to be a friend and there wasn't a thing we could do to keep our new friend from showing us the ropes of the neighborhood.

We decided, since he didn't offer up his name, we would call him Buddy, cause that is what he was,
our Buddy.

Buddy walked up the road with us until we turned back to head home. At first he was a little too excited to meet us and wanted to jump...but with a few stern points and "psssstts" in our best Cesar Millan, he understood and was as good as gold!

This and the next series of photos I think is quite telling of the relationship that our three neighbors have. Personally, I think no name #3 (the lighter donkey, or is that a mule???) is the pack leader.

You'll notice the unspoken wordage between #3 and Buddy...even tho Buddy wanted to be a part of the petting fun...he was "asked" to move away by Mr. #3.

We had a great time meeting our neighbors and since Buddy lived right across the street from these fellows we tried to tell him to stay home. We tried to tell him it was too hot, he should go lay in his bed, but no, he wouldn't have it. He stayed behind us a bit, but actually followed us to our driveway and then said his goodbye and turned to head home. (I think he just really wanted to know where we lived).

Before we got to our drive, Morgan was temped by the neighbors Magnolia tree and HAD to have a thick, leathery leaf of her own.

And I just had to have a photo of this beautiful Pine that borders our property.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What a lovely walk, Eve. That Morgan is really growing up in the mountain air. I think Buddy and Pack Leader Mule have the same expressions in a few of the pics. They must know each other well. How fun! Miss you!

Kerry Hawkins said...

No that is a fun little adventure with some new four footed friends

Roy said...

You have some great Neighbours Evie.

Salix said...

Hi Eve
Sure looks like you are having a great time "down South"!

Wrensong Farm said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk! I really enjoyed myself. :)

bunnits said...

Looks like that was a lot of fun. I love your neighbors. They seem to be such pleasant folk.

And, Eve, my neighbor with the old-time milkweed left a plastic bag on the windshield of my van with a pod full of seeds. If you'd like some, shoot me an email at and we can figure out the easiest way to get it to you. I'm often in the Guntersville/Grant area on 431.

Jenny said...

I'm glad that Morgan is dragging you out and about in the neighbourhood Evie! (-: Names for those donkeys just sprang into my mind....Horace and Harold, Horace being the alpha male. I hope Buddy gets to see you again soon. Thanks for the stroll. (-:

Eve said...

Hi Debi! Miss you too!! Can't wait to see you again.

Thanks Kerry! It was fun.

Thanks Roy! We sure do!

Hi Lene! We are!

Thanks Tammy, Glad you had fun too!

Hi Bunnits! I'll write you soon! I would love some of those seeds!

Thanks Jenny Wren, Yes she is and Horace and Harold they are!! hahaha! That's better than the Frick and Frack that I was about to call them!

HANNIBAL said...

The no names are so friendly! Great story!

Mary said...

I think that you and Morgan could befriend any animal :-) Great photos...especially the ones of Morgan and the "friends".

Rural Rambler said...

Well Evis you have some great neighbors there! I think Buddy has a big goofy smile in almost all your shots. We have donkey neighbors that are buds, Dandy and Clyde! It's lookin' beautiful there :)

Wendy said...

Aww those donkeys are so adorable! You can tell that they really enjoyed you and Morgan's company, so sweet :)

bluekat said...

You have some awesome neighbors!
My, what big ears some of them have!! :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

How can meeting two pretty things like that NOT make any walk better?!! Beautiful day, too!