Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shelley's Hosting a Giveaway!

Good thing because I wasn't prepared to post! Here is just an artistic picture taken with my new Canon 100mm macro lens. Now for the giveaway....Please visit Shelley's Building A Log Cabin Blog at http://logcabininmichigan.blogspot.com/2009/02/giveaway-from-log-cabin.html
and see how she helps wildlife with her beautiful photographs!
Thanks Shelley!


Anonymous said...

Great detail on the new macro Evie. I can see some fantastic flower images coming in the summer.

Shellmo said...

Hi eve - love those guinea feathers! (And so does my cat marvin! I've had to hide the feathers you so generously gave to me so he doesn't lick them to death!) Thank you for posting on my giveaway and good luck!

Eve said...

Me TOO Roy!!

Glad you love the feathers Shelley...Marvin...keep your tongue to yourself!! Silly cat!

kjgiffy said...

Cool Photo Eve! I love those guinea feathers too! I wanted to do something special with the one you gave me, but I haven't figured out what yet!

Carolynn said...

Those feathers are so incredibly beautiful! Wow!

dog trot farm said...

Eve, I think you should hold a Guinea Feather giveaway!

Leedra said...

Guinea feathers?

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